We have a vast range of F1 in Schools equipment available for purchase to make manufacturing and testing your F1 in Schools car as easy as possible. All of this equipment is available through our partners at Denford Ltd. and through the website iSupply3D.com

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started when manufacturing your F1 in Schools car is by purchasing an F1 in Schools Professional Class Car kit.

The kit includes:

  • x 4 black fusion wheels
  • x 1 sandpaper
  • x 2 screw eyes
  • x 2 axles
  • straw wheel spacers
  • x 4 washers
  • x 1 F1 Model Block

To purchase an F1 in Schools car kit, please click here.

F1 in Schools Consumables

As well as the F1 in Schools car kits, consumables can also be purchased separately from iSupply3D.com, Please remember that you must use the official competition F1 model blocks to manufacture your car from.

These items include:

  • F1 Model Block
  • CO2 Competition cartridges
  • CO2 Test cartridges
  • Decal stickers
  • Washers
  • Paint stand
  • Wheel spacers
  • Screw eyes
  • Deceleration towels
  • 13 Piece metrology tool set

If you would like to browse the full catalogue of products or purchase any of the above items, please visit iSupply3D.com

Race System & Track

The F1 in Schools race system and track that will be used at official competitions and event is available to purchase from Denford Ltd. This is extremely useful for testing your prototype cars to see how they will perfrom.

F1 in Schools Elevated Race Track

  • 25m in length
  • Includes 11 sections and 12 legs

F1 in Schools Race System

The F1 in Schools Race system is designed for use with the 25m elevated race track and includes:

  • x 1 Start gate
  • x 1 Finish gate
  • x 2 Launch triggers
  • x 2 Launchers
  • x 1 Power supply
  • x 1 Control box
  • Race management software

To view the F1 in Schools Race system and elevated track in the Denford Ltd. catalogue please click here.


Denford Ltd. can supply a variety of machinery that will be extremely useful when completing your F1 in Schools challenge.


Denford Ltd. stock a range of CNC Routers, to be used to manufacture your F1 in Schools car design out of the balsa wood blank. They are extremely versatile machines and can be used for many others projects. To view the range of Denford CNC Routers available please click here.

3D Printers / Rapid Prototyping

When competing in the F1 in Schools challenge a 3D printer is an extremely useful piece of equipment to have. Not only can you quickly and cheaply produce prototypes of your designs for testing purposes, they are extremely useful for producing, fins, wheels and eyelets for your F1 in Schools car. Denford Ltd. stock a very good range of afforable machines, please click here to view the full range.