A Life Changing Experience

F1 in Schools is a not-for-profit educational organisation, which relies solely upon support and contributions from industry to be able to operate and deliver a World-class STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) competition that has engaged with millions of students across the Globe. The aim of F1 in Schools is to provide a fun and hands-on STEM initiative that demonstrates many different levels of Science and Engineering, in a positive and attractive light. The challenge provides students with the opportunity to develop key skills such as; communication, presenting and team working, which will form the foundation of their future, in whichever career path they choose. The processes that student teams will follow are the same as those a real Formula One team has to follow, from creating an initial business plan, to designing, making and racing their car. They will use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and will analyse their designs using CFD and drag calculation software.  They will then use Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machinery to manufacture their car, before testing it in wind and smoke tunnels. Finally, they will race their car on our 20m F1 in Schools racetrack, to see who has designed and manufactured the fastest car.

Where Could F1 in Schools Take You?

As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to be involved in this exciting STEM competition, from a regional level through to National Finals, or perhaps even as a Global Partner. In 2012-13 the challenge reached and exceeded all expectations, with 26 countries producing 33 teams to compete at the 2012 World Finals in Abu Dhabi. The current World Champions are Cold Fusion from Australia. This year, we are expanding further and hope to have even more countries taking part in the 2013 World Finals, Austin, Texas, in what will be a spectacular competition.

What is F1 in Schools to you?

The benefits that are available from a partnership with F1 in Schools range from brand awareness, resulting from the mass-media coverage that the challenge generates, to direct engagement with both students and teachers within the competing schools, not to mention their friends and families.

Main Attributes and Benefits of the Program
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
• Media coverage and PR
• A very positive community-driven campaign opportunity
• Community relations
• Valuing future generations
• Commitment to education and local communities
• A very positive, powerful and, most importantly, clean product association
• Providing millions of children with the opportunity to learn multiple educational and business skills
• 13 year age demographic spread from 11 to 19 with 36% female participants
• STEM engagement and enhancement activity with industry links
• Lesson plans sit F1 in Schools within the curriculum, or as an extracurricular activity
• Direct face-to-face marketing and advertising opportunity to students at their most influential age
• Direct face-to-face marketing and advertising opportunity to parents and teachers through the competing children
• Related press release and partnership story
• Significant growth of the program over the past three years and expected growth over the coming three years, with new countries signing up all the time
• Awareness levels of thousands, spanning gender, race, age, communities, countries and continents
• Networking opportunities within industry and education

How Do You Get Involved?

For more information about F1 in Schools and how to become a sponsor, or to arrange a meeting with us to discuss options and packages, please contact:

Steve Nevey
Director of Business Development and Partnerships
E: snevey@f1inschools.co.uk
M: 07854 712336

Case Study - David Cameron (UK Prime Minister)

“From product design to marketing, practical physics to budgeting, F1 in Schools is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop a wide range of useful skills in a fun and exciting environment. Through its challenging international competition, F1 in Schools plays an important role in inspiring the next generation of engineers around the world. I would like to wish all the competitors every success in the World Finals in Austin, Texas, in November.”

Case Study 2 - Nigel Fine (Chief Executive of the IET)

“We know how important it is to get young people interested in engineering. The IET Skills Survey launched last month showed that employers continue to struggle to recruit the engineering, IT and technical staff with the skills that they are looking for. So we are definitely faced with the problem of not having enough skilled people at all levels to meet demand. To address this problem we do need to find ways to encourage more bright young people into engineering education and careers. So, the IET is proud to support this project to inspire, encourage and motive people into engineering. We are the only global institutional partner of F1 in Schools and we share with F1 in Schools the common objective of inspiring and encouraging young people around the world into engineering and so this partnership is a perfect fit for us.”