NEW F1 Model Block

Further to the announcement made at the F1 in Schools 2014 World Finals, we are pleased to confirm immediate availability of the new F1 in Schools Model Block.


The product is officially named as ‘F1 MODEL BLOCK’ and it is the only material that will be accepted at the F1 in Schools World Finals commencing 2015.


The block is purpose designed and has undergone extensive field testing.  Feedback from the field trials has been very positive and users have confirmed that the new block is GRAIN FREE and MACHINES BEAUTIFULLY, has a CONSISTENT WEIGHT AND DENSITY, PROVIDES A GREAT FINISH and is EASY TO PAINT.


The new F1 Model Block has the same technical specification as the previous Balsa Wood Blank but is more robust and durable.  In addition it has no inherent mechanical weakness.


A Technical Data Sheet can be download here.


Each and every F1 Model Block comes supplied with an official F1 in Schools Sleeve that is sealed with an F1 in Schools Holographic Sticker.


The sleeve and holographic sticker confirm that the block is an OFFICIAL F1 in Schools Authorised Product.  Going forward, the F1 in Schools sleeve and holographic sticker will need to be attached to the F1 in Schools Competition Scrutineering Sheets.  Further instruction on this requirement and competition dates for the new F1 Model Block will be included in the new 2015/16 Rules and Regulations.


The new F1 in Schools Model Block is available exclusively through Denford Ltd, who currently have a limited number in stock available for immediate despatch.


Ordering instructions are as follows:

Product Name: F1 Model Blocks [pack of 10]

Product Code: F1223/10

List Price: £55.75 per Pack  (Plus Packing & Shipment).


F1 Model Bock Weight:

The average weight of an F1 Model Block is 114.5g. This is calculated using the density of the material and the volume of material contained in the block.
Due to the manufacturing tolerances involved in the production of the F1 Model Block material and the subsequent machining involved, the weight of a block could range between 106g and 123g.