1. Team Name

Evolution F1

2. Explain how you chose your team name

We believe that the name ‘Evolution F1’ shows how we differentiate from other teams. We evolve our ideas -from mere rough sketches- into complex, prize winning innovations. With our team name clearly depicting this process, it gives a clear message that we are constantly developing and evaluating to achieve the best possible outcome.

3. Country/s represented

United Kingdom

4. School/s represented

Robert May’s School

5. Town of School(s)


6. Number of males / Number of females on team

3 males and 3 females  

7. Link to team Facebook page

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8. Team Twitter handle


 9. Link to team website

Click here!

10. Briefly outline the history of your team

We formed in July 2014 with an initial plan of a two year cycle meaning that we would turn up to the regional finals only to gain experience and then have a whole year to prepare for the next regional final. The purpose of this was so there was a lot longer time for research and testing. However, when we won the regional finals in January our plan changed a little bit. We then decided to fully go for it and aim for the World Finals in Singapore. We worked incredibly hard and it obviously paid off as we won the UK National Finals.

11. F1 in Schools achievements so far (i.e. Nat champions, other awards etc.)

We won fastest car, best engineered car and won overall at our regional finals and won best engineered car and overall at Nationals.

12. Describe your team in three words

Better than Colossus.

13. What do you think makes your World Final team unique from other teams?

We believe our teamwork is what makes us different. It may sound a bit odd, but to have five other members who are constantly supporting you throughout the project and motivating you to create the best outcome possible is priceless.

14. Magic moment - What has been the most exciting F1 in Schools experience your team has had so far?

Our most magic moment was when we dined in the Williams hospitality unit at Silverstone and visited their factory which were both amazing experiences.

15. We can laugh now - Tell us about one of your team’s funniest moments, maybe it wasn't so funny at the time!

One event we did as a team required a very early start, which would have been fine if some of the team member’s hadn't of gone to a festival the night before. One such member of the team had half an hours sleep before being woken up by a knock at his door. Covered in paint from head to toe (literally) he clambered into the minibus using baby wipes to scrape the many colours off.

16. What is the biggest challenge in this competition?

As a team we have found the hardest challenge is to acknowledge when the designing and testing phase has to stop to leave time for manufacturing. We kept on wanting to ‘try this out’ or ‘test this new part’ even though the CAD design deadline was inevitably close. For the Worlds we have managed to monitor this behaviour but for the Regionals and Nationals it was a major downfall for our whole team.

17. What are you most looking forward to at the WFs?

Meeting all the different teams from all around the world is something we are most looking forward to.

18. What are your expectations for the WFs?

We know that the standard from all teams will be exceptionally high all round and so we will have to be working incredibly hard throughout the competition days to be competitive. But we also know that memories and friends will be made from all the fun at the World Finals.

19. Do you watch/are you interested in F1?  Who’s your favourite driver(s)? 

Our team has a variety of different favoured teams and drivers, however Daniel Ricciardo is liked by all members massively due to either his talent or his smile...