1. Team Name

Verus Racing

2. Explain how you chose your team name

Verus Racing chose its name from their Title Sponsors “Verus Precision”. We are privileged to be partnered with such a renowned engineering firm located in Sligo, that provides new product engineering services to indigenous and leading multinational companies. Their core expertise of fixture design, metrology and moldflow, means that we have a highly successful, experienced and worthy company behind us. Along with Verus being our main sponsor, they obtained the naming rights of our team which presents them with huge return on investment.

3. Country/s represented


4. School/s represented

St. Attracta’s Community School

5. Town of School(s)


6. Number of males /  Number of females on team

3 males

7. Teams Facebook page

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8. Teams Twitter handle


9. Teams website

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10. Briefly outline the history of your team

Our team is together for two years now. We joined forces in in October 2014 as a five member team and competed in the 2014 F1 in Schools Competition. This was our first year competing and we finished an impressive 5th place in the National Finals and also won the prize for best sponsorship and marketing. This year three of us came back and wanted to go all the way and we were crowned National Champions 2015 in Dublin Castle.

11. F1 in Schools achievements so far (i.e. Nat champions, other awards etc.)

2014 – Regional Winners

2014 – 5th National Final

2014 – National Winner of best sponsorship and marketing award

2015 – Regional Winners

2015 – National Champions 

12. Describe your team in three words 

Innovative, Dynamic, Professional

13. What do you think makes your World Final team unique from other teams?

We are the first three person team to represent Ireland at the World Finals. This illustrates our work ethic and determination which we believe will set us apart from the rest.

14. Magic moment - What has been the most exciting F1 in Schools experience your team has had so far?

The most exciting F1 in Schools experience we have had is when we were announced the F1 in Schools National Champions 2015. This is an unforgettable moment that will stay with us forever.  Our hard work had finally paid off and we were rejuvenated for the World Finals.

15. We can laugh now - Tell us about one of your team’s funniest moments, maybe it wasn't so funny at the time!

During our Verbal Presentation in the Regional Finals, a team member was demonstrating how impressive our car design was along with the quality of manufacture and assembly (as you do). Then suddenly a wheel fell off the axle! We laughed initially but then just began to think, everything we had just said was pointless. Afterwards we thought it would cost us marks and lessen our chances of qualifying to the next round so we started worrying but looking back at it now, we can laugh.

16. What is the biggest challenge in this competition?

The biggest challenge for the team in this competition was approaching multinational companies looking for sponsorship as three teenagers. However difficult this was, we still managed to pull it off.

17. What are you most looking forward to at the WFs?

We are so honoured to be representing our country on a world final stage. It’s a privilege for us and we want to do our country proud. We are looking forward to meeting some of the most renowned engineers and technical people in Formula 1 along with meeting all the world finalists this year.



18. What are your expectations for the WFs?

We are confident that we can acquit ourselves well and can be competitive in every area of the competition. We expect very high-standard and well-designed fast cars, attractive pit displays along with professional portfolios, however this will not prevent Verus Racing from becoming World Champions and bringing the Bernie Ecclestone World Champions Trophy back to Ireland.

19. Do you watch/are you interested in F1?  Who’s your favourite driver(s)? 

All team members are Formula 1 fanatics who constantly watch the Formula One races and qualifying periods each weekend. We have very split opinions over our most favourite driver in this year’s Championship, either Lewis Hamilton/Max Verstappen/Daniel Ricciardo.