1. Team Name

Team equiNOX

2. Explain how you chose your team name

An equinox is an astrological phenomenon that occurs twice a year, where daytime and night time are of equal duration. Our team feels that this sums up our F1 in Schools journey perfectly, where we encounter not only challenges - the dark, but also joy and triumph - the light.

3. Country/s represented


4. School/s represented

Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary)

5. Town of School(s)


6. Number of males / Number of females on team

Females: 4

7. Link to team Facebook page

Click here!

8. Team Twitter handle


9. Link to team website

Not yet available

10. Briefly outline the history of your team

In January 2014, 4 very different girls came together to form one Team equiNOX. We all joined F1 in Schools as part of our school’s Research Studies programme. As a team, we took part in the Singapore Finals, competing in the Bloodhound SSC Class in 2014 and F1 Class in 2015. These two years have been a whirlwind of a ride: full of joy, triumph, pain and panic. Yet, it has definitely been a most fulfilling journey. We are immensely grateful to have been given the opportunity to take part in this programme.

11. F1 in Schools achievements so far (i.e. Nat champions, other awards etc.)

2014 Singapore National Finals (Bloodhound SSC Class): Overall Champions & Fastest Car

2015 Singapore National Finals (F1 Class): Overall Champions & Best Team Identity

12. Describe your team in three words

Noticed, outstanding, eXtraordinary!

13. What do you think makes your World Final team unique from other teams?

As an all-girls team, we strongly believe that girls, too, are highly capable in the engineering and technology field. We hope that we will be able to eliminate existing gender stereotypes as our passion and hard work take us to the top.

We also believe that our strong team dynamics set us apart from other teams - we don’t bite or tear at each other’s hair! We support, forgive and encourage each other through thick and thin.

14. Magic moment - What has been the most exciting F1 in Schools experience your team has had so far?

It would definitely be winning Overall Champions for the second year running at the Singapore Finals 2015. Not only was it amazing because it was our second win, but also because we met with so many challenges and disappointments during the competition and races that we were certainly not expecting the award!

15. We can laugh now - Tell us about one of your team’s funniest moments, maybe it wasn't so funny at the time!

Our final car that we planned to use in the Singapore Finals only came back to us from our spray painting company a few days before the competition. We originally thought that the paint would be only 3 grams. However, to our horror, we realised that the paint was more than 5 times heavier at 16 grams! This caused our car’s race timings to be much slower. It really wasn’t very funny at that point in time but in retrospect, it was a great lesson learnt. Now, we truly understand what is meant by not leaving things to the last minute!

16. What is the biggest challenge in this competition?

The hardest part of being in this competition has definitely been juggling our schoolwork, extracurricular activities, as well as the competition itself. Our end-of-year examinations will be only a mere week from the end of the competition, so we are doing all that we can to keep our grades up and complete our competition preparations at the same time.

17. What are you most looking forward to at the WFs?

We are looking forward to meeting youths from all around the world who share the passion as we do, as well as gaining experience and learning from other teams!

18. What are your expectations for the WFs?

We hope the World Finals will be a great learning experience for our team. The memories we make will definitely be cherished for a long time coming. We also expect that the standards of all teams will be exceptionally high so we will be sure to give it our best shot and hopefully, win an award!

19. Do you watch/are you interested in F1?  Who’s your favourite driver(s)? 

One of our team members does! ;) She went to watch the Singapore Grand Prix live a few years back. She does not have a favourite driver, but is certainly in awe of all their amazing driving skills.