1. Team Name


2. Explain how you chose your team name

Originally, our team name was to be Kryptonine but after further discussion, we realized that it was difficult to come up with a fitting concept around the name so instead, we decided the concept first, which is energy and thought of the things that were connected to energy. After more discussions, we had decided on Electro, which was derived from Electric; a type of energy

3. Country/s represented


4. School/s represented

SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam

5. Town of School(s)

Seksyen 9

6. Number of males / Number of females on team

1 male and 4 females

7. Link to team Facebook page

Click here!

8. Team Twitter handle


 9. Link to team website

Click here!

10. Briefly outline the history of your team

Our team originally only consisted of Anis, Nadya, Aiman and Ameena. We were all definitely friends even before the team placement and we got even closer after going through Regionals and Nationals together. However, for the World Finals, we decided to add another member, Iman to the team.

11. F1 in Schools achievements so far (i.e. Nat champions, other awards etc.)


-          Best Engineered Car

-          Best Verbal Presentation

-          Overall Champion


-          Best Engineered Car

-          Best Research and Development

-          Best Verbal Presentation

-          1st Runner Up

12. Describe your team in three words

Electrifying, Magnetizing, Exhilarating

13. What do you think makes your World Final team unique from other teams?

How we cope with stress. All of us will end up laughing manically at anything. Absolutely anything and that will trigger the laughter of the other teammates. In the end, we all calm down. Until someone says something or if something goes wrong again and then cackles are to be heard and the cycle goes on again.

14. Magic moment - What has been the most exciting F1 in Schools experience your team has had so far?

One of the most exciting moments we’ve had is when we participated in an engineering carnival, with the help of our collaborator (ARTeC), and we met with various people ranging from university students to the engineering professors.

15. We can laugh now - Tell us about one of your team’s funniest moments, maybe it wasn't so funny at the time!

Our design engineer decided to make the worst possible colour combinations for the car during a discussion.

16. What is the biggest challenge in this competition?

Raising our funds and searching for sponsors.

17. What are you most looking forward to at the WFs?

We are definitely looking forward to meeting the other teams competing for this competition as well as the trip to Universal Studios.

18. What are your expectations for the WFs?

Seeing and experiencing a new and more intense atmosphere as well as meeting various people from all over the world.